DFW is a significant US destination for refugees and international students, many of which are from unreached locations. Join our teams making disciples among these populations in DFW while gaining a better understanding of your unique God-given calling and developing skills for effective cross-cultural ministry. Explore the opportunities on this page as a potential next step in your disciple-making journey.


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Missional Learning Team

Experiential training program helping followers of Jesus to establish or enhance their personal ministry reaching for the unreached while obtaining greater clarity regarding God’s plan for their life. A great fit for anyone with a desire to make disciples, whether you are a church member or a future missionary.
Disciple-Making: Learn in a team environment from experienced practitioners using the ministry philosophy of disciple-making movements. Immediately apply what you learn with internationals in the US by starting Discovery Bible Studies and supporting long-term local church planting efforts.
Understanding Calling: Take steps to better understand the unique way God designed you. Discern how to steward your whole life for maximum Kingdom impact including considering opportunities to use your vocational skills overseas among the unreached.
How it Works: Each week contains both mission and learning elements as we put into practice everything we learn to maximize retention. The weekly expectation is to spend time serving internationals (we can help you get started). The team will meet every other week for a 2-hour session focused on accountability and learning.
Active Locations: We currently have teams in Fort Worth, Dallas, Richardson, Plano and Grand Prairie with more coming soon in places like Irving.

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An experiential learning environment for obedient followers of Jesus to take an intensive step towards disciple-making among unreached people groups and understanding their calling.
  • How it Works: Choose the length that works best for you whether that’s a summer during college, a full year while you prepare for a long-term overseas assignment or something else that meets your needs.
  • Accountability: You would be a member of a disciple-making team while being coached by experienced missions practitioners.
  • Make an Impact: This is a great way to make an immediate difference in the lives of unreached people and gain a skill set to be an effective disciple-maker anywhere the Lord leads you.
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Long-Term Efforts

All Forefront Experience activity focuses on long-term impact both locally and globally often through teams and coaching/mentoring relationships.
  • Local: We build ongoing disciple-making teams focused on specific people groups that still lack sufficient Christian witness. Our teams focus on finding a person of peace or existing believers among the people group and equipping them to reach the rest of their ethnic group. We hope to see discipleship and teams that multiply locally to reach all the unreached language groups represented in our city.
  • Global: We want to see disciples multiply internationally back to the unreached countries they originally came from to catalyze a movement where the darkness is greatest. Additionally, we strive to launch each person from our programs into a meaningful lifelong trajectory of stewarding their whole life for the glory of God. We often continue to coach people in disciple-making along this journey wherever God leads them.
Long Term Focus

Internationals in DFW

  • Refugees: The refugees we serve in Dallas are from places like Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia, Iran, Burma, and Bhutan. Some of the most vulnerable and desperate people on the planet are refugees who eventually get resettled in the states. Most of these places of origin are very unreached yet extremely difficult for missionaries to enter and share the Gospel. Many of the resettled refugees still lack a fundamental access to the Gospel without Christians crossing the barrier of culture to share with our new neighbors. Definition of “Refugee”
  • International Students: The international students we minister to are from places like Saudi Arabia, Japan, China, and India. These students are future leaders of their respective countries and some of the most strategic people in the world to share the love of Christ with because they can be easily sent home with the Good News. Details about countries of origin